Who would join a analytics startup after retirement?

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As I have learned over the past year, the world is full of new experiences, and you cannot ever stop learning and adapting.

About this time last year, Oktoer Naseim, approached me with an idea to create a new company to enable small to medium-sized companies access to information and data analytics. While I was retired, and not what you would define as “tech savvy”, his approach intrigued me. Oktoer’s focus was more on assisting companies to improve themselves versus just looking to make money.

As a manager from a generation that relied on instinct, experience, and “gut feel” to make key decisions, this approach, while not new, was not totally incorporated into my decision-making process. While I was exposed to the 6 Sigma process and other analytical tools during my career at Caterpillar, I never fully comprehended the power of information and data analytics.

I had a supervisor who worked for me twenty years ago, who used the phrase “Knowledge is Power”. As I have matured and grown, I now realize how prophetic this statement to be. So in closing, I just want to leave you with this thought, and introduce you to our company; PixelPredictive Streamlining & Development LLC.

We’ll be back with more on our company and how we may be able to assist you in multiple areas as well as interesting tips and insights into data analytics. For now, have a great day and never stop pushing the limits in your ability to expand your boundaries.

-Dale Noel, Managing Partner