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Big Data for the Rest of Us

We are living in an ever expanding universe of data. We’re building a culture of analytics, accessible to businesses big and small. We believe in the value that comes from data based decision-making –improving quality of life for all.

Big Data needs Big Thinking

We want to unleash the creative thinking potential that exists within every organization.

Culture is critical

Data changes your thinking from “What happened? How can we fix this?” to “This is what will happen. This is what we need to do about it.”

Who is PixelPredictive

Based in Central Illinois, our team has worked for both small businesses and Fortune 100 companies. That varied experience has equipped us to help any business, no matter their size or situation. Our team consists of experienced business consultants, data scientists, and researchers with advanced degrees and diverse professional backgrounds. Capable of providing a wide range of comprehensive and affordable solutions, our team has helped businesses like yours with:

– Business Intelligence – Market Research – Data Analytics – Supply Chain – Logistics – Procurement Processes – Transformation – Operations Management –

Who we are

Ot Naseim

Experience in Engineering, Systems and Data, Manufacturing Operations and Procurement

  • Masters in Civil and Structural Engineering from Bradley University
  • Completed focused MBA courses from DePaul University
  • 20+ Years Experience
  • IDOT, City of Peoria and Tri County Planning Commission
  • Marketing, Caterpillar Inc.
  • Manufacturing, Caterpillar Inc.
  • Certified 6 Sigma Black Belt - Caterpillar Inc.
  • Operations Supervisor- Caterpillar Inc.
  • Director of Central Illinois Manufacturing Program-ICC
  • Global Supply Network, Operations Manager- Caterpillar Inc.
  • Managing Partner- PixelPredictive Streamlining & Development LLC

Dale Noel

Experience in Factory Operations, Scheduling, Logistics, and Supply Management

  • Caterpillar Manufacturing Technology Program
  • Industrial Technology - Illinois Central College
  • Business Management - University of Illinois, Springfield
  • Logistics and Supply Management Executive Program- Michigan State University
  • Executive Leadership Program - Penn State University
  • Numerous Caterpillar Training Programs
  • 30+ Years working for Caterpillar Inc., retired January 2014
  • Director of Purchasing - Managed $7 Billion in purchases and a team of 400 people located globally
  • Lived in Hong Kong and travelled extensively in all regions of the world
  • Managing Partner- PixelPredictive Streamlining & Development LLC

 What We Do

Data Analytics

We use data to create a quick glance at the state of your business using intuitive visuals.

Predictive Analytics

We build a model for forecasting future trends for your business.

Business Insights

We uncover customer, product, and operational opportunities buried in the data.

What it means for you

We will provide you in-person consultation and ongoing support. Our highly trained consultants bring a fresh pair of eyes and can contribute on the first day.

 You’ll make more educated business decisions using data by translating external proprietary data from one of the world’s leading sources into a perspective you need.

We’ll build simple, yet solid, analytics solutions that bring your data to life Want to see an example?

Provide intelligence enabling stability by minimizing risk in periods of slow growth and maximizing opportunity in periods of rapid growth

Your data dashboards will be securely available on mobile or PC

Flexibility allows for ad hoc analysis, and customized result displays for any unexpected event

See what our clients say about us!

See What Our Clients Say About Us!


“I interacted with PixelPredictive Summer, 2017. They helped me to understand the European market; both the current state and the outlook for the heavy manufacturing industry. PixelPredictive has an out-of-box approach and is clearly exceptional.“

Eric Lepine
Chief Operations Officer, Mecalac




“We were highly impressed by PixelPredictive’s non-traditional approach to long term strategic and tactical planning and benchmarking approach.  On very short notice, they conducted global market research studies for two Fortune 500 companies.  Their unique insights enabled us to better focus our resources.  I recommend them.”

Don Young

Chief Operating Officer – Americas , YASH Technologies

Managing Partner –  C5MI




Associated Manufacturers Representatives

“A baseline of manual entries, long hours of input in conventional Excel to manage and track business is simply not the best approach in this digital world.  Displaying a sense of urgency, PixelPredictive converted years of manual legacy data, incorporating advanced statistics, predictive analysis into graphical and interactive dashboards – allowing me to do more and manage my business more effectively. PixelPredictive is professional, informative, responsive and always available to answer any questions and support my company needs.”

Jim Anders
President, Associated Manufactures Representative

Associated Manufactures Representative


“We contracted with PixelPredictive in April 2017. They developed valuable, at-a-glance interactive dashboards with KPI’s for safety, preventive maintenance, equipment availability and constraints with predictive analytics. We appreciate their innovative approach to our training matrix dashboard. It took it from a labor intensive and cumbersome traditional matrix to a simple, intuitive, interactive dashboard. They are without question great to work with, being both flexible and responsive. We’ve built a great partnership.”

William Chambers
President, Operations


Posh Tots Academy

“I am a small business owner and was considering adding a day camp to my day-care
business, Posh Tots Academy. PixelPredictive researched and compiled just the right amount
of information about local demography, industry and economic outlook that I needed to
make a quick decision, and made the interactive presentation available to mobile devices for
future reference whenever I need them. PixelPredictive helped me to make an educated
decision, and I’ve already started to implement the day camp project.”


Megan Bishop
Owner,  Posh Tots Academy

Posh Tots Academy

Bottom Line for your Business

We will maintain and provide your business with the latest and best analytics technology, saving you the cost

Enable you to quickly translate your data into information that you can apply today

Forecast future trends at a glance

Understand the sensitivity of business drivers

Refocus your business as the industry data at your fingertips changes

Procurement intelligence support to help you negotiate with your supplier for the right part at the right price

Ready to Start?

Drop us a line and we’ll set up an initial meeting.

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